Liberate your closet from old clothes – and kids from water insecurity! #LingaroGroupCares

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Polska Akcja Humanitarna
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Good Health & Well-being is one of the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of Lingaro Group’s sustainability strategy. For good health and wellbeing, access to clean water is about as essential as it gets! That’s we're running a used clothing drive with Polish charity Ubrania do Oddania (Clothes to Give Away) to raise funds helping the Polish Humanitarian Action provide people in need with safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. 1kg of used clothes collected = 1 Polish zloty donated!


There are three UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of the Lingaro Group Sustainability Program: 

Climate Action  

Good Health & Well-being  

Gender Equality 

Here with Ubrania do Oddania we are supporting two of these goals with one initiative! 

  • By encouraging people to recycle their used clothes, we're taking Climate Action to support "circular fashion" as opposed to the "fast fashion" business model that leads to a great deal of environmental pollution. 

  •  And when Ubrania do Oddania puts money – based on the amount of clothes we donate – towards the Polish Humanitarian Action's efforts to provide clean water (which is part of the environment most impacted by pollution from fast fashion) and sanitation to those in need, we are supporting a fundamental step towards these people's Good Health and Well-being. 

A classic win-win scenario for a great cause! 

How to get involved 

Gather clothes and shoes you don’t need. Clothes should be clean and undamaged. Click here for full guidelines on what items can be donated. 

Then you can either: 

  •  Bring your donations to either our Warsaw or Lublin office. There will be boxes waiting in the kitchen and at the office entrance.  

  • Click the “Pomagam” (“I’m helping”) button at the top right of this page to have a courier pick up your donations – at no charge! – from your location. Note: you need to have a minimum of 10kg of items to donate in order to request a courier. Full details are available here  

Our goal is to donate at least 1500 kg of clothing and shoes by 31.12.2023. 

More information about how the Polish Humanitarian Action brings safe drinking water and sanitation to those in need is available here